Fear breeds Bigotry and Bullying




As most of you know I tend to not take sides on issues but recent events I believe require some kind of response.

Only a few months ago certain members of the GOP presidential candidates made some of the most intolerable statements that have made it clear to me how dangerous and unqualified they are to lead a great land of great people.

Bigotry is like a dark cloud cloaking the land and seeping into every crack in our national being. It is the very real manifestation of the damage unchecked fear can cause.


By definition this word breaks as the following:

1.Narrow or weak-mindedness, bias, discrimination.

2.noun, plural

3.stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one’s own.

Weak mindedness and narrow thinking suggests an inability to make rational observations and decisions. Lazy minds create ignorance and bigotry as does fear and radicalized belief systems. When Donald Trump says in effect, “shut out all Muslims” he is of course acting like a bigot and a bully but he is also reflecting a very strong undercurrent of bigotry and narrow thinking in certain segments of white America.

When GOP candidate Donald Trump makes his prejudiced remarks about other people, races, women, or religions he’s showing evidence of some very serious Cognitive distortions:

Absolutism: an All or nothing thinking process. Most things in this world are gray.

Overgeneralization and labeling: leaves no room for reality

Mental filtering: Focusing only on one aspect of a multi-aspect reality.

Jumping to conclusions: usually based on no evidence other than feeling or prejudice.

Magnification: Exaggeration and focusing only on worst outcome scenarios.

He is also doing extreme violence to everything America says it stands for. He is making us look like hypocrites and eroding our standing as the world’s most effective and open Democracy. We who disagree with his way of being must be wiling to show the world in the most positive way that he and his kind do not alone represent who we are.

 We are heartfelt people who are not gun wielding cowboys who shoot from the hip and shoot off our mouths without thinking and even though we defend his right to shoot his mouth off we are not in support of either his words or his way of thinking. We are more than that. We are bigger than that. We need to stand up to bullies and stand up for those who are being bullied. Enough is enough!

 As human beings we are so much more than what this segment of any society represents. But to make this an everyday reality we each need to stand up for this better way of being.

 Demographically I am white America and I am of an older generation, I served my country as a Marine in Vietnam and until five years ago was a registered Republican and I won’t tolerate the extremism of a Donald Trump and his supporters. I am more than that.

 Fundamentally my country is an inclusive country, my country is a tolerant country, my country is a loving country and I intend to stand up to any of the world’s bullies whether they be home grown or from foreign lands.


Fighting Dragons


Sorry I’ve been off my feed lately, but you see I’ve been fighting dragons for the last few days. Dragons, that’s what I call the depression that sometimes charges from its cave and overwhelms me. He takes on a number of forms, right now he looks like the giant “I’m no good” dragon where everything is better than, smarter than, more creative than.

I’ll be walking the paths of the kingdom feeling pretty good about myself when suddenly I feel his blast of hot breath reducing my fragile armor to ashes. I stand there naked and vulnerable suffering blow after blow of his acid tongue, his maniacal laughter seeming to come from all around me as though the very universe is laughing at my insignificance.

Nothing I do is of any consequence– I pull out my “I am bigger than this” sword and it melts to the beasts fire. I wrap myself in “I am worthy’s” but these are easily stripped from my body and again I am naked before him.

I get so wrapped up in fighting this demon creature of the psychic world that I quite lose myself, and forget the wisdom of the inner wizard. Somewhere in the acrid clouds of smoke and burning ego a little voice struggles to be heard. “Create!” says he and the tears begin to flow, washing away the helplessness and fear. And I begin once again the acts of creation. There is where wholeness lay, there the spirit plays and the soul expresses itself freely.

When I am in the act of creating, the dragon vanishes and it matters not what smallish images of self have been conjured for the real self is engaged in the expansive act of creation– the soul freely expresses during the alchemical process of creating and the universe expands to infinity– no room is left for the little knight and his demons.

So what the hell am I talking about? When I have nothing else to do my mind will conjure up all kinds of stuff to grab my attention and that’s when I start feeling depressed and begin to beat myself up. My ego-self can swing radically between noble grandeur and street urchin, from self-love to self-loathing.

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