Sparkles, Lights and Auras oh my!



Besides insight, to see light in your dream might represent illumination, clear mind, guidance, and plain understanding. Is the light being shed on a once cloudy situation or problem?

Lights often suggest a beacon to follow and are indicators of the divine, the soul, and life itself. You might also consider the color of the light. For example, a light blue light might reflect intuitive awareness or be spiritual in nature. This is also true for violet or indigo. Red light may reflect passion or danger. Yellow light can be about lightness or hopefulness. A rainbow of light can represent an awareness of the beauty of life in the midst of problems and difficulty, be a visible blessing, or represent happiness and hope.

To see a bright light in your dream, might indicate that you need to move toward a higher level of awareness and feeling.

Rainbow light

Light is often a symbol for the creative point in ones awareness, of bringing new light to consciousness.

Bright light dreams are sometimes common for those who are near death. 
To see soft or shadowy lighting in your dreams, indicates feelings and thoughts from the primal aspects and less developed parts of your unconscious.  To dream that you cannot turn on the light, indicates a lack of insight and perspective on a situation, or a feeling of paralysis with regard to what you need to do in a worrisome situation.

To see a glow in your dream, might symbolize enlightenment, happiness, or that new light has been shed onto a situation. You might have gained a fresh perspective and reached a some measure of understanding. Someone glowing can also suggest that you look at this person in a new light, from a new perspective. They may also represent a spirit guide.

To see an aura around you or someone else, might suggest that some important information is being given to you in the dream and you need to pay close attention to the message, or that you need to draw on this energy for strength.

Some say auras or light hallucinations in dreams can warn of an oncoming migraine. These auras can also indicate an on-coming nightmare.

To dream that you have a halo might signify that you are a perfectionist. It may also represent some significant spiritual development and supernatural energy.

Sparkling lights

If something is sparkling in your dream perhaps it’s a signal to pay attention. Consider the pun, “all that glitters is not gold” e.g. don’t be fooled by all the glitter of something because beneath it all may be commonness or deceit.

It could be a feeling of joy, or happiness or a desire for the same. It may also symbolize something of value.






Our emotions have colors



To the left is a gift created by my  teenage granddaughter for my birthday.

Dark strings of twisted gray fear, aimless light blue swirls of sadness growing darker into the deep, red hot blobs of oily anger, and the sparkling pink cotton of happiness these are the containers of “bottled emotions” a potpourri of the feelings of not just adolescence, but of us all at any age.

Our emotions can be painful whether they reflect the pangs of love, the searing pain of anger and loss or the heavy blanket of depression. Is it any wonder that we tend to shove them back into the darkness of our unconscious when they conspire to overwhelm us?

But they never stay down there, they’re never fully hidden or forgotten, never quite out of sight or out of mind and hovering just below the surface of our consciousness ready to wash over us like a tidal wave and drag us out to sea and into the deep chaos of our unconscious selves.

Un dealt with these creatures of the lower world control our actions in the upper world. Our relationship with them colors our reality in a kaleidoscope of ways effectively blinding us to what is all around us and informing our existence in ways we seem to have no control of. And yet, we have control when we don’t manhandle and stuff them below consciousness.

We are very much in control when we allow them to be by not resisting them. We can have anger without becoming our anger, feel sad without being our sadness and express our love expansively and creatively without reservation or trepidation of losing it in the next moment. It’s simple really i.e. being what we are when we are being what we are– no judgment, nor critique, no should or ought projected onto what we’re being.

Try quieting the “little judger”, the voice in your head that’s always tempering your moments. “Be here now” said Ram Dass i.e. be what you’re being when you’re being it. This is how YOU run the show.