6 thoughts on “Telepathy In Dreams

    1. Reginald,

      If these are people you know then some aspect of their personality may be dead in you, or what they represent is dead to you. If they are strangers, then they may represent some aspect of yourself has died or is dead to you. Note that death in a dream can also represent and ending or desire to end something e.g. some problem, some behavior, some issue, or circumstance. If these are people whom you loved you may still be processing their deaths and even dealing with the issue of your own eventual death or the anxieties associated with that. Death is often a symbol for what needs to end in order for something new to begin. Your emotions regarding these dead people can also give information as to their meaning for you as would where the dead are e.g. a grave or some other location.

      Re: gold: This could represent something valuable or significant or something of great worth (this could be a moral value or an object, or a goal, or a behavior). Sometimes it symbolizes the soul. Finding gold can also represent a bright outlook on something or the need for a brighter outlook. Gold coins might be about high value and wealth.

      Gold coins can also symbolize specific people that you value. Of course the gold coin can also represent the real you, the you beneath the mask you project to others or the negative narrative that you may tell about yourself.

      I hope that helps,


  1. I dream of always flying in the sky most of time above the sky….
    Sometimes I get dreams meeting famous actors and actresses.
    I also get dreams giving exam in school.


    1. Flying often reflects a desire to be free of something or a means for gaining independence. Could flying high above it all be a desire for greater clarity and/or a higher perspective? Meeting famous people may reflect your own desire to be recognized as someone important. The characteristics of the famous people may also reflect characteristics of yourself that you either embrace, desire, or reject. Exams are often about lessons to be learned or that in some way you are being tested.


    1. What a peaceful image, “Swinging in the sky” i.e. looking for a higher perspective and perhaps a sense of not being held down and being more independent. The sky can be about ones potential and hopes for the future. A scary thought if you’ve not ‘swung’ out that far as of yet. A red colored sky can signify danger, or something coming to an end, or just a new dawning. With regard to any body of water it can represent ones emotional state ( submerged in your emotions, anxious or somewhat overwhelmed, drowning?) not evident to everyone but just below the surface. If you are breathing underwater it may be symbolic of returning to the womb– a place free from responsibilities, where you feel totally cared for. I hope that helps, Bob


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