Capturing the divinity in everyday things


The mystical is not so lofty as we make it out to be. Standing before a multicolored canyon at sunrise, or above a misting forest or wooded trail, staring at the fog rolling in across the hills and into a valley, the crash of waves upon the shore, the first cry of a baby’s borning, a rose in full bloom, falling in love, a piece of music that stirs the soul sending waves of joy throughout your body, the sight of a feast after the fast, middle schoolers swarming the local coffee shop at the end of their day, swarms of birds dancing to the setting sun, or a deceased loved one visiting a dream are all common mystical experiences that speak clearly about the divine in the everything of the everyday.

These moments are sacred and point to the infinite being that we are. When connected with the whole of the every day we are never alone, never lost, or confused. When standing in the moment we are in a religion of our own and open to all that there is and the imagination soars set free from the petty restrictions of the ego.

It is at those times of the common mystical that we can sink down into our deeper self and find our true being. We cannot define the experience but when it happens we know that we have transcended the ordinary and connected with something much bigger, much grander than our limited selves.

The mystical is not limited to visions and dreams. Look for the common experiences of the mystical in every facet of your life. They’re there and will make themselves known if you open your mind and heart to them.

4 thoughts on “Capturing the divinity in everyday things

      1. Not sure what you’re saying here so I’ll deal with the images. A “bank” could refer to anything to do with money, financial issues, social power, or something you can count on. Banks are also places where we store things of value e.g. ideas, memories, beliefs, values, feelings. Note that money is sometimes symbolic of love. “Half operable” might refer to something not fully realized i.e. only partially realized, not all there. If it were my dream “half” all there might refer to only one partner fully expressing love or only partially functioning in the relationship.


    1. An escalator might suggest movement between various levels of awareness. Going down an escalator might mean that you are repressing or experiencing a setback or by falling you may e experiencing a failure of some sort. Construction of a building could be about setting some goals for yourself. Have you given up on these goals (abandoned them)? If the building were to represent yourself or an aspect of yourself the image “abandoned” might also refer a feeling of isolation and of being unwanted or having lost someone or something. It could also refer to a part of you left behind. I hope that helps, Bob


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