I was reading an article in Science Illustrated about a team of scientists translating the shock waves from a black hole into sound waves that you and I can hear. It was said to be a low Bb tone. There was also a link to this sound that one could listen to. When I went to the link and listened I knew that I’d heard that sound before. It was a low rumble sounding like an Australian didgeridoo, or Tibetan long horn. As I listened I recalled another sound the sound of AUM or OM, the sound of the universe that many meditators use to focus and quiet the mind.

This also seems to be the sound of our sun. Yes, I know one can’t hear sound in space because there’s no air for the vibrations to pass through but the waves of electrons that pass through ionized gas or plasma can be detected and translated into a sound that our ears can hear.

This is the sound that the ancient Hindus described in the Vedas thousands of years ago. This sent a chill up my spine and raised the hairs on the back of my neck. Ancient mystics could quiet the mind and tune into a sound that represented the cosmic sound of the universe. Some might even say it is the sound of God, ultimate reality, the essence of all life, and the self within.

This ancient mantra and spiritual icon is not just another man-made ritual sound but the actual sound of the universe around us. OM is the connection of humankind with God. OM is also referred to as Pranava i.e. something that pervades life and is the container for the supreme, God or Brahman. It wouldn’t be too difficult imagining the universe as the container for what we call God and all brought to a singular point through OM.

As explained in the Hindu Upanishads the sound represents the four states of consciousness. The A sound in AUM or OM represents the waking state; the U sound represents the dream state, and the M sound represents deep sleep. And the fourth state is what is called turiya that is the sound of silence that follows the mantra.

So it turns out that the sound of the universe is also the sound of our consciousness i.e. our waking and dreaming mind.

To hear this sound permeating the cosmos I realize that only now the world of science is beginning to catch up to and open us to the spiritual world– a reality beyond our imaginings.



2 thoughts on “OM

    1. I am aware that everything is vibrational and also suspect that there is a “cloud” of information that the human may draw upon. I would like a little deeper explanation about what you mean by your statement and how you see the article on OM applying.



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