The void: We are looking for a light in the darkness of mere being.




“I am an orphan, alone; nevertheless I am found everywhere. I am one, but opposed to myself. I am youth and old man at one and the same time. I have known neither father nor mother, because I have had to be fetched out of the deep like a fish, or fell like a white stone from heaven. In woods and mountains I roam, but I am hidden in the innermost soul of man. I am mortal for everyone, yet I am not touched by the cycle of aeons.”

 –C.G. Jung, Memories, Dreams, and Reflections


When we recognize who and what we are we move toward fullness, toward completion and connection with everything. When we don’t there’s a void that settles just slightly above our gut and leaves us sighing and longing for something, we don’t know what, to fill the emptiness. But no thing can fill the void.

We are a consciousness that rests in the presence but that is informed and connected by what is past and through intuition able to project into the future. This consciousness is informed partly by the archetypes that inhabit the collective unconscious and by perceptions and intentions just below the surface of our awareness.

For me the emptiness seems to disappear just when I give up my time to give time to another or at the moment of forgiveness or when my point-of-view shifts then briefly I am filled. But it never lasts and the light flickers out as I fall back into protecting, resisting, judging, hiding and controlling and the experience folds back into the unconscious and the emptiness returns.

Our unconscious mind seems to surround our consciousness thus conditioning us to all sorts of behaviors and perceptions that may not be of our own making. To ignore our deeper selves, our intentional selves, makes us slaves to our darker energies and feel victim to our circumstances whether they are good or bad. I believe that it is incumbent upon every one of us to explore our hidden selves as best we are able so as to reveal the light that is often trapped within. To do less leaves us in a state of mere being, moving or growing neither forward nor back. A life of treading water is not for me

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