Transition dreams:




Whether it’s the journey from teen to adult, adult to parent, high school or college to the freedom of no school, unmarried to married, one job to another, from one new year to another, work to retirement or life into death change dogs our waking life and haunts the images of our dreams.

Death in a dream can symbolize the need for a conscious choice on the dreamer’s part to make a change in their lives, their perceptions, reactions, and circumstances.

Spiritual visitors to our dreams such as the Christ-like Child often symbolize spiritual truth and may suggest an important transition regarding some aspect of your being or your life.

In dreams we find ourselves standing at doors or gates that beckon us to enter. We run down tunnels, launch ourselves into the air and fly freely across field and valley. We dream of marriages and weddings, murders and death, and of greeting a sunrise or bidding farewell to a sunset. We fall down holes and morph or transform from one thing to another. To transform may be a portent for the future where major change lies ahead or it could reflect the need for changing some habit or routine or the need to alter your perspective on something or someone.

If you are morphing into someone else it could mean that you need to incorporate some aspect of that person into your own character, or are in need of a major change in life. Rapid morphing can reflect rapid change in your life– needed or currently happening.

These are all symbolic images of change.

Change, threatening, pending, and on going, it’s the one constant in all of life and our dreams mirror it all.

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