The unity that brings wholeness




In our dreams as in our waking lives we seek connection through friendships, family, weddings, marriages, and sexual experiences.

Because we experience ourselves as separate and not being able to inwardly know what is not us we are profoundly strange to each other and spend much of our waking and sleeping lives gravitating toward some kind of unification.

Ultimately this may reflect the deep desire within our souls to unite with something that is essentially not ourselves. We do this by assuming a persona that reflects what we feel is missing in our lives. We do this in our relationships as well often choosing to be with someone who shows us parts of themselves that are alien to us or who shows parts of us that have lain dormant until brought to life through the experience of the other.

Each of us has several aspects or “natures”. There is the passionate, the spiritual, and the sensual side to all of us in varying degrees and much of what we do in our lives is focused toward finding experience that fulfills our drive to live out our true nature i.e. to express our souls fully.

To that end our dreams not only give insight into ourselves, but help us to intuit the mystery of the other as well thus moving us toward the unity that brings wholeness.

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