The Archetype expressing itself

Ith copy 35.jpegt’s funny what my dreams conjure and carry into the waking world.
Since a young age I ‘ve thought that this world was a little like a state run asylum. As I grew older this thought remained but had evolved so that I now think of it as an asylum for disturbed souls. But what if as my dream of last night suggested it is where the damaged souls of the anima universum or cosmic soul go to heal?
In the arcana of the soul there are layers of reality the first layer of which is called “ego” the name for the “I” e.g. that identifies as you, me, us.
Collectively we are the “nos” or the “we”,  then comes “anima” the “soul” or the animating force of our existence. Collectively these souls make up the soul of the world that which has been labeled the “anima mundi”.
Greater still is the collection of souls or the “host” if you will, of the “anima universum” or the cosmic soul i.e. the creator.
A number of years ago I wrote a story titled TheArchipelago of dreams: The Island of the Dream Healer (2010). As usual what I do with the development of a story is to let it evolve from whatever kernel of an idea that strikes me and trust that the story will come out as a projection from my as yet unconscious self seeking to be expressed.
In the story there is an island located somewhere between the conscious world and our dreams where the souls of humankind go to be healed after the hosting body has died
I thought at the time that this would be a good medium for expressing the nascent rumbling in my own soul eager to have its say.
As I write its sequel the rumbling has started again and has suggested that the “Island” of the original story is actually Earth itself and that it is here that the damaged souls come to be healed. If so, this would explain why it all looks so crazy. Our souls may be here because they have become dysfunctional and disconnected from the whole and it is here through unfettered self-expression that they learn to reconnect. I wonder if it is here that the healing regimen outlined in The Archipelago of Dreams is what is necessary for the soul to return to the whole?
This begs the question of whether some damaged souls might have to go through multiple lives in order to be healed and reconnected. What happens if some souls remain disconnected forever is that the “eternal hell” of Dante? Does Donald Trump continue his mindless and self-serving ranting across a multiverse of lives for all eternity?

Perhaps our lives here are but a dream imagined into existence through the outward expression of the so-called big bang turning the One into a diaspora of souls all seeking to reunite.

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